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Land of the Dragon ♥ Sunlight

~Anything + Everything about G-Dragon & Sunye (2007-present)~

Welcome to G-Ye Fandom II

This member-moderated community is created EXCLUSIVELY for G-YE shippers & WonderBang Family members with G-Ye bias. You need to join and be a member of the community to read the posts.


  • Click the join community button above (You need to have a livejournal account to be able to do so, click here to create)
  • Upon clicking, you will receive a message that your membership request is sent.
  • In order for me to approve your membership request, kindly PM me your reply to the following questions:-
  1. Subject: Request to Join G-Ye Fandom
  2. Nickname:
  3. Soompi (username): if any
  4. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when G-Ye is mention?
  5. How long have you like G-Ye?
  6. Who is your bias, G-dragon or Sunye? Why?
  7. Apart from G-Ye, who do you like to pair with G-dragon or Sunye?

(Your answers will be collected for my anonymous survey about G-Ye)

WARNING: All the posts in this blog are very G-Ye bias. Reader discretion is advice.

* For NON-GYE fans, you may enter at your own risk. I am not being rude but my advises are 'Curiosity kills the cat' and 'Ignorance is bliss'.